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Complete tournament and community management with ongoing rankings, stream overlays, station management, and more. Made by and for TO's.
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Simplified Tournaments

Organizing tournaments should be simple and fun. RoundOne does away with all the duplicate entry and keeps everything running smoothly. You're going to love being a TO again.

Station Management

Easily track who's playing where. See at a glance which stations need a match, or when a station is no longer necessary. Broadcast station assignments for everyone to see, and automatically notify players where to go.

Stream Overlays

Keep player names, scores, avatars, and more updated in realtime on your stream. No need for a separate score tracker. Setup Dropbox integration on the streaming computer. Run the tournament from anywhere.

Time Estimates

Know how long your tournament will take, how much another station would help, and get alerted if you're running behind schedule. ETAs are updated when you add players and stations, and as the tournament runs.

Mobile Performance

RoundOne runs smooth as butter on basically anything, with every feature always available and easy to use. Run the whole tournament from your 5 year old phone if you want--no problem!

Rollback Netcode

Run your tournament from as many devices as you like, all at once. Changes are synchronized across devices in realtime--including those just viewing. It's like Google Docs for tournaments.

Skill Rankings

Give players something to brag about! Ranked tournaments effect every player's skill ranking in their community. Trusted communities can contribute to our site-wide ranking system.

Communities & Seasons

Showcase your community's top players, favorite games, and upcoming tournaments. Track member stats and ongoing skill rankings. Automatically keep scores across an entire season over multiple tournaments.


Multi-stage tournaments, with pools leading to a final.


View your Twitch streams right from the tournament's page.


When your match is about to start and where to go.

100% Free

No buts, no cuts, no coconuts.